About us.

Balance Elite is for students in 6th-12th grade. This is the next level from our Balance Sports that challenges each player to improve their skills while growing more in the knowledge of the game, exploring new ways to compete and develop habits that will allow them to become well rounded athletes. While each child is unique, our goal is to instill the basics and the proper fundamentals in all four areas to help them grow to become well rounded adults. We desire for each player to have a better understanding of not just the sport, but of how to shape their decisions on things like what are some healthy food and snack choices, how they should be training and maintaining their physical bodies, and discovering how to determine right and wrong and making wise decisions based upon Scripture and increase their knowledge of God. 


This league will be broken down into three different divisions. Middle school (6-8 grade) younger high school (9-10 grade) and older high school (11-12 grade). Registration will begin in January. Space is limited. Fee for the league will be $50.00 per player. We will have try outs at the end of February and the beginning of March to determine placements as the coaches will draft players and teams will be formed to begin play after spring break. Days and time for practice/games will be determined at later date but all practices and games will be played on the same day most likely Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings.  


For further information you may contact us at Bear Creek Baptist Church @ 281-859-9900 or email us at balancesportstx@gmail.com or rec@bcstaff.org 

Scott Denton - Pastor of Sports Ministry

Tyler Mays - Sports Ministry Coordinator

5901 N Fry Rd
Katy, Harris County 77449

E: balancesportstx@gmail.com

P: 281-859-9900